Green Grub for St. Patrick’s Day

March 15, 2021
| Created by Heather Lieber, RDN, CD

Here are a few green foods to try to fully celebrate during the week of St. Patrick’s Day:


Kiwis, pears, limes, green grapes, and avocados are all available in stores right now, waiting to be placed in your cart for a festive St Patrick’s Day dish. Try a new variation of avocado toast for a quick go-to meal, or toss some green fruits with honey and lime juice for a fresh side.


Check out broccolini, zucchini, asparagus, poblano peppers, dark leafy greens, and more! Walk through the produce department, look for green, and try something new. Try our recipe for sautéed breakfast greens to give savory flavor to those greens that are on their way out, or use Dietitian Megan’s template for green smoothies here.

GREEN EGGS (pictured)

Crack a couple of eggs and a handful of spinach into a blender. Pulse for a couple of seconds, then scramble! The flavor is similar to classic scrambled eggs, but the color is an unmistakable, naturally colored, deep green.


There are many vibrant green sauces, especially from other cultures’ cuisines such as zhoug, chimichurri, and pesto. Try Chef Casey’s recipe for chimichurri, a bright Argentinian sauce sure to freshen up any meat, fish, poultry, veggies, or grains! Another winner is Chef Lesli’s tomatillo avocado salsa.

For more ideas on how to incorporate green grub, contact your store’s dietitian at