6 Haunting Halloween Recipes

October 11, 2021

Halloween is right around the corner – are you ready for the ghouls, ghosts, and goblins who will be roaming the streets or even your home? Get inspired to feed monsters, princesses, and everyone in-between with deliciously spooktacular Halloween recipes from our talented associates, dietitians, and professional chefs. 

Fuel up for the big day of trick-or-treating with Dietitian Megan’s wholesome pumpkin muffins. Oat flour and pumpkin puree deliver solid nutrition while maple syrup adds a touch of sweetness. This is a great recipe for breakfasts or snacks during spooky season. 

Harmons Beet Balsamic Hummus is slightly sweet with a tangy undernote and the gory, red color is simply perfect. It’s delicious with sea salt crackers, celery, naan, or pita triangles. The best part? Absolutely no work is required. Just like all flavors of Harmons hummus, our produce associates make it fresh from scratch for you to pick up in the store. 

Vampire-proof your celebration. This garlic-ginger pumpkin seed sauce conjured by Dietitian Melanie will knock your socks off and keep Dracula miles away. It is wonderful for dipping crackers or veggies and drizzles beautifully over salads, roasted vegetables, and cooked whole grains. 

Cheese Monger Mariah has outlined everything you need for a chilling Halloween cheese board. Mix and match your favorite cheeses, fruits, crackers, and treats for a smorgasbord of bites that will please a variety of tastebuds. 

Stuff Dietitian Ashley’s Double Pumpkin Chili into orange bell peppers and serve with blue tortilla chips (bat wings!) for a new twist on an old classic. Pumpkin puree delivers a thick, hearty texture while sweet, roasted pumpkin rounds out the flavors. Make this Halloween stew a triple pumpkin threat by garnishing with toasted pumpkin seeds. 

Chef Lesli has delivered yet again! Serve your guests personal pan pies with a creepy eye lurking beneath the depths of buttery, flaky crustFrozen cherries and prepared pie dough make this Halloween recipe a breeze. It will be a favorite for both kids and adults. 

Ashley has been a dietitian for Harmons since 2015. She completed her Master’s degree in nutrition from the University of Utah. She loves to work in the grocery store helping shoppers find delicious and nourishing foods. When she’s not working or cooking, you’ll find her enjoying the beautiful mountains of Utah on her mountain bike and cross-country skis.