Grilling Sauces and Spreads

June 13, 2022
| Created by Heather Lieber, RDN, CD

Grilled foods taste fabulous all on their own. However, sometimes the side act steps in and steals the show…SAUCES. There is an entire world of condiments and dressings beyond ketchup and mustard. Keep reading to explore sauces and spreads that will ensure your grilled goods always win “best dressed.”

Short on Time?

Think outside the box with what is possible with store-bought condiments and dressings. Here are links to Dietitians Choice products that are a healthier option in your favorite categories: 

Barbecue Sauce 



Ranch Dressing 


Homemade Sauces and Spreads

If you want to make your own sauces and spreads, the possibilities are endless! Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

Yogurt Based: 

Plain Greek yogurt is underappreciated and underutilized across the board. It is a perfect blank canvas to build a tangy, creamy sauce with endless flavor combinations. This curried yogurt sauce recipe adds the color and kick you need take your flavor to the next level. 

Oil Based: 

There are multiple oil based dressings. Some are emulsions of egg yolk and oil (mayo), some are simple vinaigrettes (oil and vinegar or citrus). An extra virgin olive oil-based sauce that is especially complimentary to grilling is chimichurri. The vivid green herbs make for a fresh vibrant sauce for your grilled proteins and veggies. Although this Argentinian sauce is traditionally made by hand chopping herbs, the food processor can be a useful tool to expedite the process.


Tomato Based: 

Some common tomato-based sauces include marinara and salsas. Tomatoes contribute both acidity and sweetness to bring robust flavor. If you’ve never made romesco sauce, grilling season is the time to start! The combination of roasted red pepper, tomato and nutty almonds is not one you’ll soon forget. 

Avocado Based: 

Avocados are a great dairy free option to contribute some creaminess along with healthy unsaturated fats. The most well-known avocado-based favorite is guacamole. Try our made fresh in-store guacamole, we make both mild and traditional to suit your taste. For a lighter whipped texture more resemblant of sour cream, check out our whipped avocado spread recipe to take your avocados to the next level. You’ll want to put a large dollop atop pretty much everything. 

As we’re just entering grilling season, turn to these options to elevate the flavor and nutrition of your fare. For a more detailed review of healthier grilling suggestions, check out our Healthy Grilling Guide post or contact your store’s dietitian at