Melon Mania 2022

July 1, 2022
| Created by Joy Phillips RDN, CD

Summer days in Utah are hot and nothing cools you down like a delicious bite of a melon. Right now, watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew are all in season. These tasty melons provide a crispy, sweet snack that’s packed with nutrients and water. If you are looking for some simple and creative ways to eat melons this season, celebrate Melon Mania with these recipes!  

Beet and Watermelon Pickle Bruschetta

This appetizing recipe is a twist on classic bruschetta that is tasty and seasonal. It combines watermelon, beet, and goat cheese with a hint of orange. Try this bruschetta on Harmons 7 Grain Bread and you have the perfect appetizer for your summer meals.  

Halloumi and Melon Skewers

Grilling is a staple of summer meals. Halloumi and melon skewers are a unique version of summer kabobs that will up your grilling game. The combination of the sweet melons and savory cheese make this a crowd pleaser for your summer parties.  

Melon Medley

This dish combines the fresh flavors of mint, basil, and ginger with sweet melons and spicy jalapenos. If you need an upgrade from a plain slice of melon, this simple salad is sure to “wow” your barbecue guests.  

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