Healthier Frozen Desserts

August 6, 2022
| Created by Heather Lieber, RDN, CD

Looking for a cool and refreshing dessert without going overboard on the calories and sugar? However, we won’t feel our best if we always go for the sugar-laden ice cream and popsicles. Instead, check out these 7 brands that are a slightly healthier choice than the rest without sacrificing any flavor or refreshment. 

These bars only contain three ingredients: fruit puree, cane sugar, and water. If you’re looking to keep things simple and sweet, these are your answer. With each bar only containing 45-60 calories, they’re great for a refreshing treat without a complete sugar overload. Most of these calories do come from added sugar, so make sure to have nutrient dense foods the rest of your day. 

Besides their fruit pops, Chloe’s also makes fabulously creamy oatmilk pops. The main criteria that qualifies these as “healthier” is the lower amount of saturated fat per serving. While these oatmilk pops contain 3.5-5 grams of saturated fat per bar, other ice cream bars contain 9-13 grams per bar. Thirteen grams of saturated fat is a whopping 65% of your recommended daily saturated fat! Choose the Chloe’s oatmilk bars to satisfy the craving for something creamy without an excess of saturated fat. Another bonus? They’re all dairy and gluten free! 

With “milk and cream” as the first ingredient, these don’t skimp on creaminess. A smaller portion size is what keeps these decadent bars considered as a healthier choice. Within the variety pack of strawberry, mango, and coconut, these bars are 80-100 calories apiece. None of them exceed 2.5 grams saturated fat or 11 grams total sugar, which make them a better choice for heart health and blood sugar control than other ice cream bars. With bits of whole fruit in the bar, they taste freshly picked and bathed in sweet cream. 

Halo Top is known for their ice cream. They’ve recently introduced fruit pops and ice cream bars! Similar to their ice cream, the ice cream bars’ claim to fame is 6 grams of protein from ultra-filtered skim milk. Both the fruit pops and ice cream bars are sweetened by stevia, and some products are also sweetened by the sugar alcohol erythritol. Sugar alcohols may cause digestive issues for some, while others will have no issues. All in all, Halo Top offers a great variety of frozen treats with lower calories and total sugars than comparable products. 

An impressive five grams of protein, and only eight grams of added sugar makes this a reasonably balanced snack. These have a good mint flavor with the perfect amount of sweetness. As of now, Harmons sells 7 Yasso bar flavors. Check them out! 

These chocolate covered berries are a common occurrence in my household—I bet they will be in yours, too! TruFru has covered raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and cherries available in either a milk or dark chocolate coating (along with white chocolate!). The dark chocolate raspberries are a personal favorite. These are perfect for choosing your own portion; whether it’s one or two to indulge a craving, or a full five piece serving size to feel more satiated. 

Of all the low-carb ice cream options out there, this one is a favorite. This brand sells pints of ice cream and bars. It has a texture that most closely resembles the real deal. With a good amount of protein and fiber, this is a sweet treat that will actually satisfy your hunger. This is sweetened with sugar alcohols similar to Halo Top which can cause digestive issues for some people. I would recommend starting with half the serving size to see how you feel.  

No need to sacrifice taste for nutrition this summer! These products taste great and won’t slow you down. Eating healthfully doesn’t necessarily mean you have to ban sweet treats, but rather find balance and make small, lasting changes. 

Looking for a more budget-friendly frozen dessert? Check out recipes for banana-based nice cream here! 

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