Kid-Friendly Healthy Dinner Ideas

September 14, 2022
| Created by Joy Phillips RDN, CD

Dinner time with kiddos can feel overwhelming and stressful, but family meals make a huge difference in the lives of children. Healthy meals are important for kids’ growing bodies and minds. Children will model the behaviors that they see so be sure to make healthy choices for the whole family. Stress about kids getting enough food or nutritious foods and avoiding dramatic dinner times are concerns that most parents struggle with. Young kids are often picky and their still-developing taste buds make them more sensitive to certain foods and flavors. Seeing the same food prepared the same way multiple times increases the likelihood that a child will try the food. It can also be helpful to include the child in preparing the meal. If you feel like you need some ideas to make your dinners healthier but still kid-friendly keep reading! 

Mix Pastas

If your kids love pasta, you can make spaghetti or mac n’ cheese healthier by switching to a whole grain pasta. Sometimes a 100% switch doesn’t go over well, and it can be more successful if you mix whole grain with white flour pasta.  

Breakfast for Dinner

Kodiak products are a great option for kids because they are whole grain, high protein, and delicious! Kodiak oatmeal, waffles, and pancakes make a great option for breakfast for dinner. Add some eggs, milk or fruit and you will have a tasty and balanced meal.

Whole Grain Breads

Sandwiches don’t just have to be a lunch option. Choose whole grain bread and a healthy protein like turkey, tuna, or peanut butter for your sandwich. Add avocado, tomatoes, or lettuce to complete your meal.  

Fruit and Veggies Sides




Contrary to popular belief, dips don’t “cancel out” the nutrition of fruits and vegetables. Flavorful dips can be a vehicle to introducing more produce as well as a variety of flavors! Check out our blog on healthy dips sold at Harmons. 

Fruits and veggies are great sides for dinner. Be sure to offer these prepared the same way multiple times to allow your kids a chance to adjust to them and feel comfortable trying them. When in a hurry, these fruit cups are a great option.  

The Harmons dietitian team is a great resource for ideas and one of us can even take you and your child on a store tour with a focus on healthy dinners. Contact a dietitian via email at to set up a tour!