Handpicked by Your Pharmacist

April 5, 2023

Did you know? Each Harmons pharmacy has over-the-counter medications recommended by our pharmacists. This program is just like the Dietitians Choice or Gluten Free tags we feature on items in our grocery aisles. Next time you are in the Home, Health, and Beauty department keep an eye out for the blue and white tags that say, “Handpicked by Your Pharmacist.”

To determine the items, Harmons pharmacists meet annually to discuss the things they would like to add to this list. Items are picked based on quality, safety, cost, ingredients, and more. Once they discuss all the options and agree on their choices, the tags are updated to reflect their recommendations.

Harmons has had this program for years and it is all to benefit you and our customers. Sometimes the pharmacists will pick a name-brand item, and the off-brand will have the same ingredients. Instead of putting the tag on the more expensive name-brand item, they will recommend a more affordable generic brand. Whenever you see these helpful tags, know that it is a trusted way to pick a quality medication.

If you ever have questions while shopping, feel free to talk to your pharmacist. They are there to help!