A Dietitian’s Picks- 5 for $40

April 18, 2023
| Created by Hannah Casey, RDN, CD

It’s time for Harmons 5 for $40 sale! This is a perfect time to stock up on your favorite products at a great price. If you are looking for some healthier items to incorporate into your diet while sticking to your budget, this is a great place to start. Here are your dietitian’s picks for the 5 for $40 sale 

Wyman's Frozen Fruit

Frozen fruit is picked at its peak ripeness and then flash-frozen, which preserves its nutrients and flavors. Use it in a smoothie, yogurt parfait, or enjoy plain! 

If you often forget about fresh fruits in your produce drawer and find that they go bad before you get to them, frozen fruit is a great option to always have on hand.   

Galbani String Cheese

String cheese makes for an exceptional snack while on the go. It’s rich in protein, helping you stay satiated for longer. Pair with an apple, whole grain crackers, or deli meat for a well-balanced snack. Remember to eat your string cheese within 2 hours if kept out of the fridge.  

Hint Water

Free from sugar and artificial sweeteners, Hint water is a fun way to enjoy your daily water intake with just a splash of flavor. Hint water is infused with natural fruit flavor and switches up the monotony of plain water! 

blue diamond almonds

Almonds are versatile, high in protein and healthy fats. When buying almonds, look for ones without added salt or sugar. 

There are many ways to enjoy almonds. Plain, toasted, on salads, blended in smoothies, pestos, or curries! Store almonds in a sealed container in the refrigerator or freezer to keep them fresher for longer.  

Tru Fru

If you have a sweet tooth, but are trying to make healthier decisions, Tru Fru is a tasty, better-for-you dessert! 

Local to Utah, Tru Fru hyper-chills fresh fruit and then covers them in a thin layer of white, milk, or dark chocolate. Enjoy after a meal, for a snack, or in decadent smoothies! Our favorite is Tru Fru Pina Colada, Pineapple, White Chocolate & Coconut, which tastes just like piña colada!  

Take advantage of Harmons 5 for $40 sale with these dietitian-approved picks to incorporate healthier options into your diet while saving money.  

For more tips, contact your Harmons dietitian at dietitian@harmonsgrocery.com.