Salmon Recipe Roundup

August 4, 2023

This blog was written by USU Dietetic Intern, McKenna Heller.

We’re celebrating our annual Wild Salmon Week! Every year, Harmons brings the taste of fresh, high-quality, wild salmon to Utah. Whether you’re a long-time salmon lover or feeling curious to try salmon for the first time, now is a great time to try one of our seafood staples. Pull out your apron and let’s get cooking for this month’s recipe roundup!

Wild salmon cooks differently than farm-raised salmon because it is a leaner protein. These tips will help you cook your salmon to perfection! The blog post also outlines the differences between salmon species, such as differences in flavor and texture, to help you choose the best cut for your needs.


Check out this recipe for a quick, easy, and tasty weeknight meal. Fish is one of the fasted cooking proteins which makes it an excellent choice when putting together a quick, healthy meal. This Thai salmon comes together in only 15 minutes and is the perfect blend of sweet, spicy, and savory flavors. It has simple ingredients that only take a few minutes to prepare.


This savory salmon appetizer may be small, but it packs big flavor! The smoky salmon and crispy crostini pair well with many entrées making this a go-to appetizer for almost any event. It tastes fresh and looks amazing. This recipe is sure to impress your guests!


For those looking for more of a culinary experience, this recipe will not disappoint. You may just learn some new cooking techniques and skills as you gently tuck basil into the salmon filet and bake in parchment. This cooking technique is also known as “salmon en papillote.” The curried yogurt sauce brings in flavors from around the world. This recipe would also be great for fun cooking date night!

This salmon chowder recipe makes salmon shine in a new light- comfort food. The soup is warm, creamy, savory, and good for the soul. Serve it in a bread bowl for an extra measure of comfort! This hardy soup can stand on its own at a meal or be served as a side to various other entrées.

As the weather continues to warm up, it’s time to fire up the grill! Harmons’ made fresh in-store salmon skewers make cooking salmon easier than ever. You can spend less time preparing food and more time enjoying it. Pair the salmon skewers with this tasty avocado and grapefruit salsa recipe to take this meal to the next level.

Several Harmons locations will be offering cooking classes during the summer where you can learn to cook salmon alongside a Harmons chef. These fun, hands-on classes will teach you techniques and skills to build your confidence in the kitchen. Click here to see a full list of classes offered. 

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