Healthy Holiday Platter

December 7, 2023
| Created by Heather Lieber, MS, RDN, CD

The holiday season brings gatherings with friends and family, traditions, and gift giving. Holidays are often centered around food, and here, at Harmons, we wouldn’t have it any other way! Every holiday needs a good snack platter, and here’s why. What happens when you’re hungry, but the next planned meal isn’t for hours? Visions of sugar plums are dancing in your head and if you don’t get food soon, your holiday cheer will plummet to being holiday hangry (hungry + angry). Enter: the healthy holiday platter. The ideal holiday platter consists of the following: 

  • Choose foods that provide maximum satisfaction with minimal prep work. 
  • Include healthy options to curb hunger while still feeling good and leaving room for the main event. 
  • Stick to mostly red, green, and white produce and dips to keep things looking festive. 
  • For a variety of flavors, include both sweet and savory options. 

Here are our dietitian team’s top picks for a sweet and savory healthy holiday platter: 


Harmons Guacamole 

Vivid green, made-fresh-in-store, and full of healthy monounsaturated fats. Our guacamole is a crowd pleaser! Choose mild or traditional depending on your tolerance for heat. 

Harmons Balsamic Beet Hummus 

Its unique deep color and flavor combination is sure to impress all your foodie friends. 

Fresh-Cut Cauliflower Florets 

Snowy white florets that are the perfect crunch to accompany dips and keep hunger at bay. 

Fresh-Cut Jicama Sticks 

These crisp root vegetable sticks are the perfect blank canvas to dress up with flavorful dips. 

Fresh-Cut Cucumbers, Broccoli, and Snap Peas 

Eat your greens! These veggies pair well with both our balsamic beet hummus and guacamole. 

Boar’s Head Crumbled Feta 

Let it snow! Top your veggies and savory dips with a dusting of our fresh-crumbled feta from Wisconsin. 


D’Anjou and Bartlett Pears 

Seasonal produce to grab while you can! Slice these red and green fruits right before serving to prevent browning. 

Granny Smith Apples 

Tart, firm, and a no-brainer perfect pairing for our creamy vanilla cream cheese dip. 

Pomegranate Arils 

Don’t have time to sit and deseed? Lucky for you, we sell pomegranate arils already out of their bitter peel and ready to pop into your mouth.  

Harmons Vanilla Cream Cheese Fruit Dip 

Add a little decadence to your fruit! This yogurt-based dip includes some protein for extra satisfaction. It’ll taste like dessert before dinner. Who doesn’t love that? 


With our top picks listed above, the only prep work involved is slicing a pear and apple and opening up some packages. If you’d like to arrange these beautifully on a decorative platter or board, be our guest! However, we don’t blame you if you’d rather open the packages on the counter and let everyone dig in. Less prep work means more time for other holiday festivities. We hope this healthy holiday platter keeps hangriness out of your holiday and the holiday spirit in your home.  

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