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The Salt of the Earth

Redmond Real Salt is the “real” deal when it comes to salt. At Harmons, when creating our made-fresh-in-store items it’s the only salt we use. And there is a very […]

Did you know we make fresh cheese in our stores? Our cheesemongers make fresh stretched mozzarella in our cheese islands several times a week. This week’s tip talks about how we do […]

This blog post is written by Tom Bench from Hollow Tree Honey. My introduction to real honey began with my first beehive. I kept a hive on the top of […]

Spring is here! Warmer weather, long sunny days, and abundant, fresh fruits and veggies are some of the main reasons we love the Spring season here at Harmons. Eating seasonally is a wonderful goal as there are a number […]

At Harmons, food is our passion. Our focus is to make high-quality, local, and specialty items easy to get. And while we may be landlocked, that commitment absolutely extends to […]

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