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Let’s Talk Local…with Todd Jensen

At Harmons, local isn’t just where we are. It’s who we are. We’re as local as it gets. We can trace our roots back to a single farm stand—started by […]

So, you’ve read Dietitian Ashley’s post on family meal planning, successfully cooked up a delicious meal, and finally wrangled the family members to the dinner table….but now what? Families with teens often have difficulty engaging their children in conversation, and when […]

Feed your face, rest your brain, and wind down for 30 minutes so you can go into the rest of your shift with renewed motivation. Here are some hacks to […]

September is Family Meals Month. At Harmons, we value the benefits of eating with others and appreciate the power of a good meal enjoyed with loved ones. We know … that all sounds wonderful, but the following fact is no secret: coming […]

The allium (aka onion) family has become popular over the years due to its famous cancer-fighting properties. Here’s a quick guide on how to use the different onions you’ll find […]

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