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We gravitate to products that elevate life, balancing taste and nutrition.



Knowledgeable professionals, preparing quality meats.



Cook and package real food using from scratch, chef-created recipes.


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It’s about personal care for every customer, inside and out.

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Many associates begin their Harmons careers working in grocery roles. In fact, many of our current leaders built their careers this way. Our grocery associates are our lifeblood and keep things running like clockwork. They ensure we have the right assortment of high quality and fresh products for our customers by receiving, stocking, and rotating new inventory. These associates build special product displays and ensure the store meets daily appearance and cleanliness standards. Some of the positions in this department include: bulk food specialist, grocery manager, stocker, and assistant manager. Exceeding our customers’ expectations is part of Harmons mission, so hiring associates who are able to not only respond to but anticipate our customers’ needs is a big part of the equation. Solid communication skills, excellent organization and time management, and — of course – a passion for customer service. Because customer service is so important to us, grocery associates go through on-the-job training to be able to provide our customers with the experience they’ve come to expect from Harmons, no previous experience is necessary. If attention to detail is your thing and you love grocery products, this could be the perfect job for you. Click here for available jobs in our grocery department.

Let’s face it: Harmons bakery items are hard to resist, and that’s because of our associates, who take great pride in their work. Harmons bakery isn’t your average grocery store bakery. So naturally, we’re looking for above average associates to whip up and sell our golden artisan breads, real buttercream-frosted cakes, made-from-scratch cookies and elegant French pastries. Our bakery associates not only sell fresh items, but they provide excellent customer service. After all, Harmons vision is to be remarkable, and our associates are just that. They assist customers in choosing the right products for their needs, package and label product, fill shelves and cases, pan product for the next day’s needs, and proof and bake product. If preparing tempting aromas and inviting tastes sounds like the job for you, join us as a: cake decorator, pastry chef, bakery manager, barista, café manager, or artisan baker.

With the best quality cuts of meat and U.S.D.A. choice beef, Harmons meat department is a cut above the rest. That’s why we look for associates who can sell our fresh-never-frozen meats and seafood while providing remarkable customer service. We are looking for someone to exceed customer expectations by having the self-service and full service meat cases stocked and ready for when that customer comes in looking for an idea for dinner. Ensuring the highest freshness and quality standards, meat department associates take pride in offering the tenderest and juiciest meat cuts each day. They also ensure cleanliness of all meat areas and confirm pricing accuracy and signage for all meat products. This way, our customers have what they need when they need it, and our associates can focus on the most important thing — helping our customers decide how to turn Harmons meat into a masterpiece in their own kitchen. Some of our meat department positions include chicken cutter, meat manager, meat cutter, seafood specialist, service counter specialist, and wall deli specialist.

It’s a familiar scenario: A missing or incorrect price tag on a grocery store item. Inevitably, customer frustration ensues. We seek to alleviate that frustration by having the right price tag on every product, every time. That’s where our scanning associates come in. We’re looking for someone with a laser eye for accuracy and the ability to identify discrepancies. So, if you enjoy printing, sorting, and hanging price tags, take a look at the scanning jobs at Harmons. Other jobs include artist and scanning manager.

Variety is what defines each Harmons Kitchen. Everything from the finest Boar’s Head meats and gourmet cheeses to chef-prepared meals make up our daily offerings. Such variety requires a diverse team of associates. Our chefs prepare salads, entrées, soups, and hot case items while our Kitchen sales associates package product, fill shelves, and stock the department. Food prep associates assist chefs in preparing items for the salad bar and other areas while fry cooks prepare hot foods and ensure they are held at a safe temperature. We look for candidates who can work in a fast-paced environment while remaining attentive to customer needs. We also look for candidates with a current food handler’s permit and have a passion for preparing fresh food. If this sounds like you, check out the posted positions in the Kitchen including Kitchen manager, cooking school, chef, food prep, fry cook, salad bar, and pizza specialist – to name a few.

At Harmons, we are known for our fresh produce. We stock more than 350 types of fruits and vegetables and over 100 organic items. So naturally, we look for produce employees who specialize in keeping our shelves, coolers, and fresh pack items stocked with Harmons favorites. These associates maintain appropriate product assortment and inventory and confirm pricing accuracy and signage for all products. It just makes it easier for our customers. If explaining how to choose a ripe avocado sounds like fun to you or working with mounds of fresh fruits and vegetables sounds like a dream come true, check out the open positions in our produce department. Other positions include produce manager, sous chef, produce prep, and salsa maker.

Associates in the business center are the heart of each Harmons store. Their main purpose is to ensure customers leave the store having had a positive experience. Business center associates perform a myriad of diverse tasks including: processing refunds, answering phones, providing postal services, processing money orders, cashing checks — seriously — what don’t they do? We’re looking for candidates who can manage multiple and varying responsibilities while switching back and forth between tasks with ease. All while maintaining a positive attitude and providing great customer service. Sound right up your alley? See the following positions: office/business center manager or banker.

Home, Health & Beauty offers Harmons customers a little something extra when they visit our stores to buy groceries. From kitchen tools and small appliances to beauty and personal hygiene products, we aim to keep this area stocked with items that make our customers shopping experience more seamless because shampoo and a can opener are as important on a customer’s shopping list as eggs and milk. Harmons carries all the top kitchenware brands to give our customers pots, pans, utensils, gadgets and gizmos that match Harmons high-quality food. We also carry all major beauty brands, so if staying on top of the latest products and ensuring shelves are stocked with them sounds appealing to you, see possible open positions in this department: home health and beauty associate, home health and beauty manager, and kitchenware specialist.