Apothecary Tea Time with Tara

In the cozy nook of the apothecary’s den, Where glass vials and dried herbs convene, The air is thick with whispers of ancient lore, And time dances to a different rhythm.

The apothecary, with gnarled hands, Measures out secrets in pinches and drams, Brewing elixirs of moonlight and dew, Each sip a portal to realms unknown.

And as the teapot pours stories into cups, The apothecary leans in, eyes alight, For in this quiet ritual, magic stirs, And tea becomes a potion for the soul.

So let us raise our cups, dear traveler, To apothecary tea time— Where healing and wonder intertwine, And the mundane surrenders to the mystical.


  • Tea
  • 3 Unique Tea Sandwiches
  • 2 Scones…one savory, one sweet
  • Brownies and Macarons from our Harmons Bakery

Seats are priced per person.

Please list any dietary restrictions in the comment section.

To receive a refund or credit, cancellations must be submitted no less than 48 hours before the class begins. Please contact the school at 24cookingschool@harmonsgrocery.com or call us at 801-428-0365 with any questions.

December 28 @ 1:00 pm
1:00 pm — 3:00 pm (2h)

City Creek

Harmons Chef

Price: $65

12 seats available

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