French Macarons vs. Macaroons

Not sure which of this two cookies to make for your holiday week? Have you had trouble figuring out which one is which when talking among friends? Let us help you out with your Thanksgiving Table!

This class brings both of them together: we will show you the technique behind these two cookies, including what makes them similar besides their closeness in name. Macaroons are easy and friendly, and on the other hand French macarons can be a little intimidating to make, but after understanding the techniques for how to mix and bake, it will make a big difference! Next time someone is confusing the two, you will be able to give a full-on explanation on the subject and even whip up a batch for them! At the end of the class, you will leave with plenty of French macarons, macaroons, and other treats to share with family and friends!

Classic Macaroons
Raspberry French Macaron
Spanish Suspiros Filled with Dulce de Leche (Meringue Cookie)
No-Bake Macaron Template (Included)

Seats are priced per person.

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February 3 @ 10:00 am
10:00 am — 1:00 pm (3h)

Traverse Mountain

Chef Freyka Nuñez Del Prado

Price: $60

16 seats available

This class starts within 12 hours.
Online registration is closed. Call school to inquire about availability: (385) 352-8011