Hand Made Ravioli Doppio and Wild Greens

Ravioli originated in Northern Italy in the 1500s. Once a dish for high society, eventually the technique of encasing a delectable filling inside pasta dough began appearing on the tables of farm workers as well. In this hands-on class, we will be making Ravioli Doppio, an especially interesting version where two fillings are sealed beside each other in one piece of pasta. Chef Nancy will teach you this fascinating technique! It will be an afternoon of new ways to prepare classic flavors.

Ravioli Doppio, Ricotta, Golden Beet and Carrot, Blistered Tomatoes
Radicchio, Arugula, Citrus, Dates, Pistachio, Buchette aux Fleur, Vinaigrette

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June 16 @ 11:00 am
11:00 am — 1:00 pm (2h)

City Creek

Chef Nancy Carruthers

Price: $65

10 seats available

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