Private Event German Dumplings

Get a head start on your Octoberfest Celebrations! Let’s visit Germany this evening!
Experience this around the world menu, and bring to your home a new dinner menu to share with them! Join Chef Freyka in one of her favorite dinner night activities! A few games, a bit of learning, and of course, good food! We will prepare one of the most beloved foods in Germany that tourists go home talking about is Späetzle, a light egg-flour dumpling that cooks in seconds!

Our Menu:
Homemade Pretzelswith Obatzda Cheese Spread
Classic Pork Schnitzel
Crisp and light breaded thin cut pork chop, served Mushroom Sauce and Traditional German Rotkohl
Brown Butter Späetzle(S)
Apple Strudel

Seats are priced per person.

Private Event Organizer
Ausha Bock

August 17 @ 12:00 pm
12:00 pm — 2:30 pm (2h 30′)

Traverse Mountain

Chef Freyka Nuñez Del Prado

Price: $60

2 seats available

This class starts within 12 hours.
Online registration is closed. Call school to inquire about availability: (385) 352-8011