Strolling Barranco Streets

Day or night, the city of Barranco in Lima Peru, will never rests to amuse your inner foodie personality!
Barranco is a well known city in Lima, Peru that harbors some of the best restaurants, and better than that, street food vendors, set in Colonial times, this picturesque city have everyone walking the distance to taste the quincentennial dishes offered all around.

Seafood Causa Limena
Beef and Chicken Peruvian Anticuchos
Golden Potatoes with Assorted Sauces
Jose Antonio Corn Salad
Lime Meringue Pie

Private Event for Lizzie Anderson
Support Office Employee Luncheon Awards
Date September 21st 2023

September 23 @ 5:00 pm
5:00 pm — 7:30 pm (2h 30′)

Traverse Mountain

Chef Freyka Nuñez Del Prado

Price: $65

2 seats available

This class starts within 12 hours.
Online registration is closed. Call school to inquire about availability: (385) 352-8011