A mural of all things yogurt, cream, and cottage cheese, plus plentiful specialty varieties. Grab essential milk and eggs, then indulge in overnight oats, incredible cold-brew coffee, or fresh apple cider.

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Our dairy products fuel and fulfill all diets

because we’ve made sure to stock the finest organic, lactose-free, nut and seed-based, oat-based, and plant-based products usually available only in boutique and specialty markets. Our love of local and commitment to quality wouldn’t let us offer less than the best. We know that dairy means something different for all people, so we stock divine dairy for everybody and every belly—whether that means whole and non-fat milk, milk alternatives, yogurt, or eggs. And our eggs even come in free-range, omega-3, cage free, and vegetarian-fed varieties because nutrition starts at knowing exactly what’s in the products on our shelves and in your cart.

Make dairy the star all day!

Do you enjoy yogurt for breakfast? We have whole milk to non-fat varieties, Greek yogurt to Norwegian skyr, fruit-flavored kefir, and even coconut cups to perfectly pair with your favorite fruit or granola. Wouldn’t a lemon meringue pudding level-up your lunch break? How about a locally-made jalapeno cheese sauce with Harmons tortilla chips as an appetizer before supper? Or do you need a rich ricotta to add to tonight’s vegetable lasagna? What about adding a little decadence to your favorite desserts? Mix rich buttercream frosting or make moist cakes with a little sour cream. And to tide you over until morning, perhaps a perfect Parisian chocolate pot-de-creme will keep you from pantry grazing in the wee hours?

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