Eating Healthy

New Year, New You:

Eat Healthier This year

Make your New Year’s resolutions stick with Harmons. We’ve  got everything you need for any type of nutrition plan.

Eat less Meat

Whether you’re doing it for a healthier body or a healthier environment, eating less meat is a great way to improve your overall health. With plenty of plant-based protein options, whole grains, and a rainbow of produce to round out your plate, Harmons has everything you need. 

Cut Back on Sugar

Focusing on heart health is a great way to approach nutrition in the new year. While there are lots of sneaky sources of added sugars in products, the Dietitians Choice program makes it easy to identify products lower in added sugars. 

get serious about sports nutrition

Whatever your fitness goal, Harmons has an array of nutritious options to best support you. 

Commit to meal prepping

Save time and money by preparing multiple meals at once. Harmons has plenty of bulk buying options and healthy sides that need little or no prep. 

Tips from our Dietitians

Eat Less Meat

“When it comes to incorporating a plant-based diet into your life, remember you can start small. Start with one meatless meal per day, experiment with vegetarian versions of your favorite meals, or incorporate more vegetables into your snacks.” 

-Hannah Casey 

Commit to Meal Prepping

“Prepping some ingredients or meals in advance makes cooking at home a more realistic goal for weeknights. I often make a double batch of soup and freeze the extra for a quick meal on a busy weeknight.” 

-Jonnell Mason 

Making Resolutions Stick

“Make your resolution something that can be done daily, and so small that it’s easy. You can’t lose 30 pounds in a day, but you can eat a cup of fruit for breakfast every day. Resolutions should be small habits that support larger goals.” 

-Melanie Taylor

Earn 100 Points

your first time shopping with a dietitian.

Earn 200 Points

when you complete a nutrition counseling package for the first time.