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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you a foodie? Join the club! When you sign up for the Foodie Club you save every time you fuel up. And the more you shop or fill prescriptions, the more you save, up to $1 off per gallon. Your points also add up to big rewards! Automatically added to your account at checkout, the more points you earn, the more freebies you get! The freebies include items like artisan bread, parmesan crisps, spiralized veggies, cookies, and more. And as a Foodie Club member, every time you use a reusable bag at checkout, you automatically earn 10 points per bag! So, sign up and save!

Harmons App and Microsite

Whether you are using our Harmons app-featuring quick pick up-or checking out your Foodie Club account on line, you can easily track your points and punch clubs; clip coupons; view the freebies you’ve earned or see what’s ahead; see how many fuel points you have earned. Along with those, there are thousands of other good reasons to belong to Foodie Club, and most of those are delicious food. Foodie Club is a totally unique loyalty card program, and we can’t wait for you to try it out.

members save on groceries and fuel and earn lots of freebies.

As a Foodie Club member you will save on groceries and fuel, earn lots of freebies, and get pharmacy Bonus Points.

Clip manufacturer and
store coupons to receive
discounts on your favorite
products. Log in to your
Foodie Account and under
the coupons page is a
list of available coupons.
Manufacturer coupons are
updated daily.

Foodie Club just got better-now members will always save at the pump. Starting at 3¢ off per gallon, the more you shop the more you save—up to $1 off per gallon. Points are accumulated over a rolling thirty-day period; and $1 spend in the store is equal to one fuel point.

Earn punches toward food and flowers each time you buy an item from one of our punch clubs. Once you’ve earned your tenth punch in that club, the next one is on us!
Every time you fill a prescription at one of our pharmacies you receive bonus Foodie Club points that quickly add up to freebies and big fuel savings—up to $1 off per gallon.