Foodie Club FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

As we invite you into the Harmons online family to experience quality and service that stretch beyond our store doors, we do so with the utmost respect and the promise to protect the privacy of your information. We have worked hard since 1932 to gain the trust of you, our customer, and continue our commitment of outstanding service by pledging to only use the information you provide to further enhance your interaction with

For a Foodie Club account tutorial that shows how to login, check your Freebie points and fuel rewards, clip coupons, and see what coupons and Freebies you have on your card.

  • What is the Foodie Club?

    The Foodie Club is a points-based system that enables you to earn points every time you shop. Scan your card at checkout to receive Freebies, free items automatically loaded to your card, and fuel discounts. The Foodie Club card also allows you to clip manufacturer coupons onto your card.

  • What are the benefits of using my Foodie Club card?

    For every dollar spent at Harmons, you receive one point towards Foodie Freebies and fuel discounts. If you fill prescriptions at Harmons, you can earn 100 points per prescription (non-government subsidized insurance) or 20 points per prescription (government subsidized prescription). The Foodie Club card also allows you to clip manufacturer coupons that automatically load to your card. Note: Points earned from government subsidized prescriptions do not go towards fuel rewards.

  • How do I register my card?

    Please visit on  to register a new account and create a new online account. You will provide your foodie card number during registration. If you already have an account, you can add your new foodie club card to that account. After logging in you will see a small profile icon with a menu link for "Add Card". You can add the card number in the form provided.

  • Why should I register my card?

    An email is necessary to receive your Freebies and Welcome Offer. Once your card is registered, you will have access to your account that shows you what Foodie Freebies and fuel discounts you have available.

  • What is the Welcome Offer?

    Every person that registers their Foodie Club card will receive a Welcome Offer of your choice. Choose either a free loaf of Artisan Bread, a free bottle of Harmons Olive Oil, or a free package of Snickerdoodle Cookies from the Bakery.

  • How will I know if I have earned a Freebie?

    You will receive an email notifying you that the Freebie has been automatically loaded to your card.

  • What if I forget my card?

    You can use the phone number you provided when you registered your card to the cashier and they will enter it in.

  • When do my points and freebies expire?

    We have four Foodie Freebie Periods throughout the year. At the end of each period, points will be reset. Any freebies earned during that period will still be loaded to your card and can be redeemed through the end of the following month.

    Period Date: Jan. 1 to March 31 — Freebies earned can be redeemed through April 30

    Period Date: April 1 to June 30 — Freebies earned can be redeemed through July 31

    Period Date: July 1 to Sept. 30 — Freebies earned can be redeemed through Oct. 31

    Period Date: Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 — Freebies earned can be redeemed through Jan. 31

  • Can other people share my account?

    Yes, you can household as many people to your account as you would like. Login to your account on on  and click small profile icon in the navigation, you will see a link that says "Add Card", click on that link and type in the card number of the person you would like to add to your account.

  • Can I use my Foodie Club Card at the Pharmacy?

    Yes, you earn 100 points per prescription (non-government subsidized insurance) or 20 points per prescription (government subsidized prescription). Immunizations are accounted for the same as a prescription. Be sure to show your Foodie Club card or provide your phone number to the Pharmacist to receive points.

  • How do I clip manufacturer coupons?

    Login to your account and navigate to your Foodie Club page under “My Account.” Once there, you will see a tab called “Coupons.” Here you will be able to clip as many coupons as you would like and they are automatically loaded to your card. Manufacturer coupons are added daily.

  • Will Harmons sell my information to third parties?

    Privacy is paramount, and we will never sell, share, or convey your information to anyone. Your information is solely used for rewarding you with customized coupons, offers, personalized content and store promotions for Harmons.

  • What are punch clubs?

    Harmons offers eight different punch clubs. Instead of a paper punch card, your Foodie Club card will track your purchases. Once you reach the required number of punches, the item will be loaded to your card and will be free the next time you purchase it.

    Delicatessen sandwiches or wraps, café coffee, artisan bread, rotisserie chicken, grab-a-bunch flowers, take and bake pizza, gelato and hot soup are all buy 10, get one free.

    Punch clubs reset on Dec. 31.

  • How do I remove or cancel my Foodie Club card?

    You can reach us through our  contact form

  • When do my fuel points expire?

    Fuel points expire on a 30-day rolling calendar

  • Where can I redeem my fuel discount?

    Bangerter Crossing: 125 E. 13800 South, Draper

    Cougar: 4872 W. 6200 South, Kearns

    Draper: 672 E. 11400 South, Draper

    Mountain View: 13330 S. Kestrel Range Road, Riverton

    Orem: 870 E. 800 North, Orem

    Santa Clara: 3520 Pioneer Parkway, Santa Clara

    Seventh Street: 7755 S. 700 East, Midvale

    South Jordan: 10507 S. Redwood Road, South Jordan

    St. George: 1189 E. 700 South, St. George

    The District: 11453 South Parkway Plaza, South Jordan

    Traverse Mountain: 1750 Traverse Parkway, Lehi

    West: 3955 W. 3500 South, West Valley City

  • You can reach us through our  contact form

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