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Harmons Café

Another feature at Daybreak is our café, where you can order your favorite coffee or tea—served hot or iced—and pair it with our made-fresh-in-store gelato or a delicious pastry. Our café exclusively serves coffee from our partner, Caffe Ibis, an award-winning roasting house that is a fair-trade certified organization, offering only sustainably farmed products. 

Harmons Smokehouse

Daybreak will also have a smokehouse, where you can find the most tender, delicious smoked meats. Just follow the mouth-watering aroma to find the smokehouse counter where you can find brisket, pulled pork, sausages, and more. Whether you try a sampler plate with all three smoked meats or choose only one with a side of our made-fresh-in-store potato or macaroni salad, you’ll enjoy the savory and smoky high-quality meat.