You don’t need to go to an upscale restaurant every time you want to enjoy prime rib. Harmons brings four-star quality to your home with an out-of-this-world prime rib dinner so you can enjoy a tender and juicy rib roast any time of the year.  Paired with an assortment of tantalizing sides, this complete meal is hot and ready to serve when you pick up your order.

Our complete prime rib dinner serves 6 to 8 people and includes:

  • 12 pound prime rib roast
  • 2 quarts green bean casserole
  • 2 quarts rosemary garlic red potatoes
  • Green salad with choice of dressing
  • 1 dozen beehive dinner rolls & butter pads

Please note: Prime Rib Dinners are available December through October.



Prime Rib Dinner

Serves: 6-8


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