Uncooked, fully seasoned turkey with fully cooked and chilled sides. Follow cooking instructions before serving your family and friends this delicious dinner.

Having a big and very hungry family is easy, too, with our large traditional turkey dinner. This complete meal features a ready-to-roast turkey—seasoned, basted, and in a roasting bag and disposable pan, ready to pop into the oven—and all your favorite sides and Harmons great quality and taste. All you need to do is put your turkey in the oven.

Our complete traditional turkey dinner for 10 to 12 people includes:

  • 12-pound (avg.) antibiotic-free ready-to-roast basted turkey from Diestel Turkey Ranch
  • 3 quarts fresh herb stuffing made with Harmons artisan bread
  • 2 quarts fresh-roasted and caramelized candied yams
  • 3 quarts Yukon Gold mashed potatoes whipped with real butter
  • 1 1/2 quarts of homestyle pan gravy
  • 1 pint fresh-made cranberry sauce with a hint of orange
  • 2 dozen Beehive dinner rolls and cinnamon honey butter
  • 2 nine-inch Harmons fresh-baked pies of your choice


Cooking Instructions

Ready-to-Roast Traditional Turkey Dinner (Large)

Serves: 10-12


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