Uncooked, fully seasoned turkey with fully cooked and chilled sides. Follow cooking instructions before serving your family and friends this delicious dinner.

The ready-to-roast turkey is butter-basted and seasoned with Italian parsley, fresh garlic, Redmond Real Salt, white pepper, sauterne wine, lemon juice, paprika, fresh sage, and fresh thyme. Before we baste it with our compound butter, the turkey is safely thawed and the giblets, necks, and tails are removed. After it’s placed in a roasting bag and basted with the compound butter, the bag is closed and placed in a disposable roasting pan. All you need to do is put it in the oven, set the timer, and let it roast.

12 pound (avg.) antibiotic free turkey from Diestel Turkey Ranch.

Ready-to-Roast Turkey


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