Looking for a plant-based holiday dinner option? We have a great choice for you. Featuring extremely tasty Blue Corn Vegetable Tamales, this meal comes with Spanish rice, savory black beans, marisol vegetables, Harmons red enchilada sauce and our blazing squash chili.

This complete meal serves 6 to 10 people and includes:

  • 12 Blue Corn Vegetable Tamales
  • 2 1-quart containers of Spanish rice
  • 1 1-quart container of savory black beans
  • 1 1-quart container of marisol vegetables
  • 1 1-pint container of Harmons red enchilada sauce
  • 1 1 1/2-pint container of blazing squash chili

Cooking Instructions

Heat-and-Serve Vegan Tamale Meal

Serves: 6-10


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