Shelf Tags

Harmons Tags

Harmons and our dietitians are here to make shopping a little easier by tagging products which are Dietitians Choice, gluten free, organic, and vegan!  Learn more about what each of these tags meant below.


Harmons loves local because quality starts at home! We put this tag on any product that comes from a Utah- or regionally-owned company and on products that are produced or manufactured in and around Utah.

Dietitians Choice

Any food tagged as Dietitians Choice has our dietitians’ stamp of approval. Look for this tag on products throughout the store to find those that meet their strict criteria as a healthy choice. Harmons dietitians use the latest nutrition research and the most current Dietary Guidelines for Americans to ensure our tags are backed by science.  Learn more here.

Gluten Free

At Harmons, this tag is used if the product states “no gluten,” “gluten-free,” “without gluten,” or “free of gluten.” There’s a federal labeling rule that states products with any of these claims must contain less than 20 parts per million (also seen as ppm) of gluten—a level considered safe for people with Celiac Disease.


“Organic” foods either show a USDA organic symbol or are certified organic by an organization approved by the USDA.


We chose to tag all items that say vegan on the package rather than just the products certified as vegan because we love our locals! Many small and local companies may not be able to get a vegan certification yet, so we didn’t want to exclude those products.
But the best part of our vegan tag is that it’s not only for food products! Harmons understands that many people who choose to live a vegan lifestyle are concerned about animal welfare. In order to consider a product vegan in the health and beauty area of our stores, the item must state that it’s vegan and certified cruelty free.