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We’ve installed two dual-port chargers at both our Bangerter Crossing and Station Park locations, providing free charging for customers and associates. 

We only sell Tier 3 gasoline, which is cleaner, contains less sulfur, and creates less air pollution than non-Tier 3 gas. 

We encourage the use of reusable bags, which helps the environment and reduces your carbon footprint. Foodie Club members receive points for bringing in reusable bags. 

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Bring your reusable bags when shopping and earn Foodie Club points.

Sustainability at Harmons

reducing waste

 At Harmons, we work in many ways to recycle and repurpose things to avoid waste. In partnership with the Utah Food Bank’s food rescue program, we donate 1,000 tons of food each year. This equates to about 1,670,000 meals for hungry Utahns. In 2021, we recycled 3,276 tons of cardboard, conserving about 55,700 trees. We also diverted about 794 tons of green waste to animal feed, and 2,800 tons of green waste to the digester, which equates to heating 270 homes a year. 

Sustainable Seafood

 We are proud to partner with Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program to offer sustainably sourced fresh seafood. Sustainable seafood comes from operations that minimize harmful environmental impacts, assure good and fair working conditions, and support livelihoods and economic benefits throughout the supply chain. Seafood Watch’s recommendations help ensure that seafood is fished and farmed in ways that promote the long-term well-being of wildlife and the environment. 

sustainable building

 Some other ways we are working for a green, sustainable future include using LED lighting in our new stores, and retrofitting our old stores. LED lights use 50% less energy and last three times as long as incandescent lights. We also have solar panels on the roof of our Santa Clara store, which provide 40% of the store’s electricity. Our Mountain View and Traverse Mountain stores have sky lights to take advantage of natural light, which means less electricity is used.