2021 Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

Signs of spring are all around us, and we’ve been busy getting ready for Easter, but our bunny, Lesli Lop Ear, took advantage of the fact we were absorbed in our festive activities and decided to go rogue. We need your help to follow the clues and find the eggs she’s left behind as clues before Easter is here!

Our Easter egg hunt will be held March 26 to April 2, 2021, and is completely virtual, with a new clue every day found in our Instagram and Facebook stories.

The answers will be found on our website, among the wonderful recipes and foodie culture we share.

There will be a daily winner of an amazing gift basket worth $100. The first person to find the day’s Easter egg, and correctly answer the question, will win the basket!

Daily Easter Basket


  • Egg Dying Kit
  • Stuffed Bunny
  • Dick Taylor Chocolate Bunny
  • Pump Street Chocolate Eggs
  • Fresh Pack Easter Candy
  • $50 Harmons Gift Card

And There's More...

Just for playing along, and helping us find Lesli Lop Ear, if you find all the Easter eggs, you’ll be entered in a random drawing to win the grand prize, a $200 Harmons gift card!

Ready, set, go….and find the Easter eggs.


You must be a Foodie Club member to participate and win. If you don’t have a Foodie Club card, you can sign up for one free here.

The daily basket winner is the first one to find the Easter egg after the clue is posted on social media. Watch our Facebook and Instagram stories daily for the clue.

To win the grand prize gift card, you must find each daily Easter egg, and answer the question correctly. The winner will be drawn from all those who meet this qualification.

You are not required to answer the clue on the day it is posted, and will qualify for the drawing as long as you answer all of the clues correctly. 

There can only be one winner per household for both the daily drawing and the grand prize drawing. For example, once you win a daily basket, you are no longer eligible to win any other basket, but you are still eligible to win the grand prize.

Harmons associates and their families are not eligible to win.

No purchase is necessary to win.

No refunds or product changes in baskets will be allowed.

Day 1 Clue

Bunnies eat things that are fresh, green, and more,

but Lesli Lop Ear is quite a gourmet.

She usually eats things that we make fresh in-store,

and we make hundreds every single day!

Day 2 Clue

We know Lesli Lop Ear is wandering our site,

looking for good things to eat.

Can you keep an eye out? (Did we mention she’s white?)

We’ll look, too, and at the Easter page we’ll meet.

Day 3 Clue

Our Easter bunny has interesting taste,

as fresh-squeezed orange juice is what she craves.

Let’s head to the juice page; there’s no time to waste!

Because fruit juices are her made-fresh-in-store faves.

Day 4 Clue

Things are getting quite stressful as we don’t have a clue,

and our bunny’s on a spring break-type spree.

She likes cooking and chocolate Easter eggs (and eating them, too).

A page that has both is somewhere she might be.

Day 5 Clue

There’s been a crime in our bakery and it’s not a bit funny,

as a big slice of cheesecake was snatched.

We suspect the culprit is our very bad bunny,

So, let’s look for prints that can be matched.

Day 6 Clue

This might be a bit of a surprise to you,

but Lesli Lop Ear is a Harmons’ foodie.

When we said she couldn’t join she threatened a coup.

So, we made an exception since she usually does her duty.

Day 7 Clue

Our bunny loves Foodie Club and usually hangs around

to check out our weekly specials, ads, and deals.

Let’s look for an egg where the savings are found.

(Keep your eye out for a bunny stealing meals).

Day 8 Clue

Things look pretty bleak and time’s up to find her,

and we’ve looked everywhere high and low.

Oh wait! Did anyone check for bouquets or a flower?

Or an arrangement that’s “fresh” as a “meadow?”