8 Sides to Add Flavor to Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is in just a few days so let these recipes provide you with another reason to give thanks! If you are looking for healthand tasty recipes for your Thanksgiving dinner, look no further. Harmons team of professional chefs and dietitians have created delicious recipes to add flavor and festivity to your meal.  

Butternut Squash Soup with Feta Drizzle

Start your Thanksgiving dinner with this delicious butternut squash soup created by Dietitian HannahInstead of having a sweet potato casserole with lots of added sugar, get your squash from this tasty soup. Ginger, garlic, curry, coconut, and basil combine sweet and savory flavors to make this recipe a hit. 

Autumn Salad

Veggies are healthy and delicious to fill up on, and this yummy salad recipe is a great addition to your table. The salad features a festive feel with cranberries, almonds, and radicchio. The recipe also includes a tasty and fresh homemade dressing created with Dijon mustard, olive oil, maples syrup, and vinegar.  

Root Veggie stuffing

It’s not Thanksgiving without stuffing! This Harmons recipe meets your stuffing needs while providing a healthier option. Parsnips and mushrooms add a savory flavor, making this root veggie recipe a hit.  

sizzling spicy green beans

Green beans are a Thanksgiving staple and Harmons has a green bean recipe that will spice up your dinner. The beans are made with garlic and red pepper flakes which gives it a kick and even better, they are simple to prepare.  Grab pretrimmed green beans from our produce sous chefs for an even quicker meal. 

Vegetarian mushroom gravy

If you’re looking for a healthy gravy option, we have a winner! This vegetarian gravy is a tasty combination of mushrooms, spices, and fresh herbs. Whether you’re serving it over meat or drizzling it over vegetables, this savory gravy is sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

Balsamic glazed red potatoes and red onions

Mashed potatoes are a classic but consider branching out and trying a new potato recipe to save on calories and fat. These roasted potatoes are flavorful and brings health and happiness to the same meal.  

Brussel sprouts, kale and squash salad

Veggie sides are a perfect complement to your Thanksgiving feast. Ditch a bland recipe in favor of this mouthwatering dish. Try this Brussel sprout recipe from Chef Callyn, which pairs Brussel sprouts with butternut squash and kale. 

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Finish your meal with a delicious dessert! This strawberry rhubarb recipe from the dietitian team, is a tasty and healthier alternative for the final course to your meal. 

Whether you’re looking for recipes to fit a specific dietary restriction or simply wanting more healthy holiday recipes, Harmons dietitians and chefs have you covered! Email dietitian@harmonsgrocery.com for more information. 

As a dietitian, Joy Phillips believes healthy eating and wellness should be a doable and positive experience for everyone. Joy’s personal nutrition motto is do what works for you! She is passionate about finding healthy and helpful ways to incorporate nutrition into people’s everyday lives in a way that works for them. Read more about Joy here.