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  • Return Policy

    Do you accept exchanges or returns on purchased items?

    We certainly do. Although we strive for 100% satisfaction of items purchased from Harmons, we may fall short. If we fail to provide the quality you’ve come to know and expect we want to hear about it. In most cases, we will refund the full purchase price, although every situation merits consideration. Keep in mind:

    • If you do not have your receipt, we will be happy to exchange the product for an item of like value.

    • Refunds, returns and exchanges are not permitted on tobacco, alcohol, books, magazines, prescriptions or activated gift cards.

    • Refunds for more than $20 require photo identification.

    • For your safety, no fresh or non-tamper proof product is offered for resale.

    • Refunds, returns or exchanges are not permitted on items purchased more than once.

    • Refunds and exchanges are subject to the discretion of store management.

  • Coupons

    Does Harmons accept coupons?

    Of course we do – we’re Harmons. We accept manufacturers and internet coupons at face value. However, we reserve the right to decline or limit use of any coupon.

  • Fuel Discount Expiration

    How long are fuel discount vouchers valid?

    You have 30 days to redeem your fuel discount voucher as part of the fuel rewards program. That’s like a whole month to use your voucher, and honestly, who doesn’t re-fuel their car in 30 days?

  • Drive and Load Service

    How does it work?

    Grocery shopping is hard work – who wants to load their groceries into their car? No worries, Harmons will do it for you with our drive and load service. Whether the weather is cold, rainy, hot or sunny, we’ll load your groceries into your vehicle. It’s like your own concierge service at the grocery store. Here’s how it works:

    • Following check-out, go to the drive and load station at the front of the store.

    • Leave your basket with one of our courteous baggers who will attend to your cart while you fetch your vehicle.

    • Pull your vehicle to our covered Drive and Load area and one of our associates will carefully and safely load your items so you can be quickly on your way.

    The service is fast, friendly, and it’s free.

  • Bagging Produce

    Why does the cashier bag my produce?

    When it comes to freshness, we’re a little obsessed with maintaining it. Plus, we want your produce to make it home in-tact so you can enjoy it in the same condition as you purchased it. One way to ensure that happens is to handle it as little as possible. Our cashiers take the time to carefully handle and bag your produce and set it aside to avoid damage from other items.

  • Store Happenings

    How can I stay informed about current events, store promotions and weekly specials?

    Subscribing to our email distribution list will give you the insiders track on all things Harmons. We’ll keep you up-to date on the latest and greatest Harmons happenings. It’s just what good neighbors do.

  • Grocery Bag Recycling

    Leaving a green footprint is important to me. Can I return my plastic grocery bags for recycling?

    It’s important to us too! We strive to do our part to recycle plastic grocery bags. For this reason, recycling bins are located at the front of each store. Because these bags are not acceptable material in many residential and curbside recycling programs, we encourage you to drop you plastic grocery bags in our bins. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • Mail Services

    Can I mail a package from the Business Center?

    You bet! Each Harmons Business Center is a United States Postal Service CPU (contracted postal unit) location, allowing you to take care of your mailing and shipping needs while you shop. In essence, we offer the same services you would find at a regular post office, except our lines are a lot shorter.

  • ‘Artisan’ the New Buzz Word

    ‘Artisan’ is associated with several breads and other items at Harmons. What’s all the fuss about?

    Artisan is just a fancy word for handmade -- something we specialize in that at Harmons. But if you want to get technical, Food Lover's Companion says it best: [1], artisan or artisanal: "This term implies that a food or beverage has been primarily handmade and produced in small batches by traditional, predominantly non-mechanical methods. Superior fresh, natural and local ingredients and attention to detail and excellence are all part of the artisan tradition."

    Hmmm . . . remind you of anyone? At Harmons, we ensure sure our artisan selections meet this high criteria.

  • Special Orders

    Can I special order items that aren’t available in the store?

    You betcha. Although we carry a wide selection of food and non-food items, we know we can’t have it all on hand. If we don't have what you are looking for, let us know. We will research the product and try to bring it in for you.

  • Prescription Refills

    Can I refill my prescription at more than one Harmons store?

    Yes. Pick-up your prescription at any Harmons location, even if it was originally filled at another Harmons Pharmacy.

  • Foodie Club

    you have a question about your Foodie Club Card? Click here for more information.