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We’re Here For You

At Harmons pharmacy, medication isn’t all we dispense. Filling a prescription or finding the right over-the-counter medicine is just the beginning. Our friendly and knowledgeable pharmacists will provide you with instructions, share information and tips, and answer any questions you may have so you can focus on getting better!
  • Medication Questions

    Should I take one medication with another? How often should you take a new pill? Ask your Harmons pharmacist. We help you learn the safest way to take any medication – whether it is prescribed by a doctor or sold over the counter.

  • 100% Consultation 100% of the Time

    Speaking with your pharmacist matters to your health and safety. What they tell you could save your life. That's why we don't want you to miss an opportunity to consult with a Harmons pharmacist. We take time to consult with every single patient that walks through our doors.

  • Prescription Refills

    At Harmons pharmacy, refilling a prescription is simple. You can order online or call our 24 hour automated phone service. Either option will guarantee your refills are ready when you arrive at the store. The best part is your prescription can be filled at any Harmons pharmacy. This is perfect for patients who move from one place to another. Click here to order your refill online.

    Order your refill online
  • Flu Shots

    The leaves changing colors and falling from trees means that flu and cold season is just around the corner. You can prepare for it by getting a flu shot at your local Harmons pharmacy. No appointments are needed to get a flu shot and each shot is administered by a trusted and caring Harmons pharmacist.

    • Basic flu shots cost $30 per person and are covered by medicare and some other insurance plans. Flu shots are available for children aged 9 and older.
    • This year, all flu shots include protection against the H1N1 virus.

  • Availability and Convenience

    We accept most major insurance plans and offer drive through service at many locations, including 7th Street, Draper, Bangerter Crossing, Brickyard, The District and St. George. Additionally, you can obtain printed copies of your yearly prescription purchases for your annual tax records.