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When giving flowers, you have something personal to say. Fashioning a magnificent display or simple spray that captures a unique message is our specialty. Flowers can cheer a peer, convey sympathy and commemorate a life, stage a home, avow love, celebrate promotion, or boost your mood. You’ll find hundreds of designs on our website for every occasion as we capably craft inventive arrangements to express all your needs and desires. Consult with Harmons floral designers to make your statement read like poetry.

Our floral buyers access peerless petals and vigorous live plants for our discerning customers. Likewise, they supply a diversity of upmarket gifts. Browse our tinned and ornamental candles, enchanting pottery, vases, and statuary. Judicious customers looking to doubly impress might even enhance their flowers with high-end local or imported chocolates found in our stores.

Lose yourself for a spell in our Harmons botanical garden

Find yourself in the orchids or succulents, seasonal or all-occasion flora, or maybe in the mums or mosses. From bamboo bowls to dashing boutonnières to the brightest bouquets, we exceed your average floral department in freshness, variety, availability, and class. Don’t wait for a holiday. Come see today.

Considering cash-and-carry bouquets? “Desirables Roses” feature a dozen elegant and unblemished blooms in a vase with graceful greenery for just $55 every day of the year. Color is to flowers as melody is to music, so we have a key at our store to help you match the meaning of your roses to the occasion of your giving! Our roses are imbued with rich color akin to oil pastels, creamy velvet to the touch, fresh beyond compare.

Plan your Special Day with the Freshest Flowers in Town

Your wedding is your special day. Fretting about every little detail is the last thing you want to do. Take the worry out of it by ordering your specially designed flowers from our floral department. At Harmons, freshness is a part of our brand and flowers are no different than any other product. We seek out the best growers from around the world and working with beautiful, fresh flowers, our amazing floral designers can do the arrangements for your entire wedding. From baby’s breath to calla lilies, we’ve got you covered. For more information on making us a part of your celebration, send us a message using the form next to this paragraph or simply call the Harmons Flower Shop at (801) 957-8477. 

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