Do you relish sensational and satisfying seasonal, regional, and global fare? Visit us in the Kitchen for dishes that dazzle, and try something new and scrumptious that we’ve just cooked up.

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Our entrées, salads, and side dishes are chef-prepared in our stores every day. We use our own high-end ingredients, and never use MSG, fillers, or added preservatives. We’re proud of our recipes because we’ve taken the time to get them just right, and we are ever-evolving with modern food trends.  Be assured when you buy our fantastic frog eye salad or our many varieties of potato salad, our quick solutions dinner deals, our homemade soups, or salads with from-scratch dressings — we aim to please. We never tear into a plastic-lined carton of pre-packaged and mass-processed macaroni salad and repackage it to sell to you. We owe you more than that and know that you always want to eat well, even if you are short on time.

What if you want to make a sandwich?
Stop by the Kitchen counter where an associate will slice you some Boar’s Head, Diestel or Olympia Provisions cold cuts. We have exceedingly high standards and a considerable selection of premium meats. If you want a side salad with all your favorite add-ons and toppings, visit our salad bar with a bevy of options. Sushi? We have sushi chefs who prepare our sushi fresh every day right here in the store. Artisan sandwiches? Check. Double battered fried chicken? Check. If you prefer a snack cheese for game day, we make fresh cheeseballs. Try our smoky pub cheese, green onion, crab, or jalapeño cheddar, and even chocolate chip! Either way, grab some crackers and throw a party in your mouth.

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