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Freshness is measured in hours, not days, at the Harmons meat counter. From recipe-ready chicken to sausages suited for every taste, we strive to carry exactly what you are looking for to grill, bake, smoke, poach, fry, braise, broil, or stir fry. We’ll help you respond with conviction to the timeless question: What’s for dinner?
Whether you’re after choice cuts of beef, hand-trimmed poultry, or harder to find victuals like bison or lamb, our highly trained and knowledgeable meat cutters are ready to help you find that perfect protein to headline your meal.

Fresh seafood can be found in Utah, right at your local Harmons! It’s true no ocean borders our state, but that doesn’t stop Harmons from delivering you the catch of the day, right away.
From Copper River Trout or King Salmon, to fresh Dungeness Crab, Dover Sole or True Cod, tender Tilapia, versatile Halibut, or wild caught shrimp, our seafood takes you around the world without leaving your neighborhood.

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