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Our private label items are individually selected, tested, and tasted to ensure we carry the highest quality products.

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When our prime select products go public, everybody benefits. And if we’re proud enough to put our name on it, you know both quality and taste are ideal and unparalleled. Our private label products are individually selected, tested, and tasted to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. We aspire to surpass your stale experiences with other “store brands” and instead provide you with our impeccable Private Label and rise to your highest expectations. From simmering sauces to pantry provisions, glossy glazes to nourishing juices, and crispy chips to dip in our superb salsa, there are so many ways to win with Harmons Private Label that you just might lose count.

Take a peek at some of our favorite new products and learn more about how we make Harmons brand a label you can trust!

For a Harmons taste of Italy, try our signature olive oils and pastas… artisan-crafted in small batches by the third generation of a family of olive oil producers! All of our oils are cold-pressed to preserve the natural, delicate aromas and flavors of the host fruit. Harmons pasta cooks firm to the tooth for the perfect bite.

Even Miss Muffet gets off her tuffet for more of our cottage cheese; grilled proteins and sauteed veggies alike crave our saucy marinades. So you see, all over our stores, in every department, you find dedication to taste and craft in our private label offerings.

Sourced from loving local or global crafters, our private label foods have earned top marks in our customers’ hearts and carts. Our Private Label isn’t about mere price point; it’s about the value of good eating and sustainable relationships and the love of consistently excellent food.

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