Specialty Cheese

specialty cheese

Vicariously visit Greece, Norway, Italy, Mexico, and more, or embrace our mountain home terrain with cheese from all over Utah.

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Cheese… as you like it. Hot habanero-dappled, crumbly with delicate blueberries, whisky-scented, marinated in olive oil, or honeyed. Blissful with warm bread cubes, or best combined with crisp crackers or Harmons crostini. Use our cheeses to sprinkle over salad, upgrade grilled New York steaks, snack with cider, layer in lasagna, melt in a panini, or elevate macaroni and cheese.  We love cheese! That’s why we have a cheesemonger at every store to help you discover the 200+ unique cheeses we offer in our cheese department from over 10 different countries. Did you know that we travel the globe to find those cheeses for you? One of our finds is our Parmigiano Reggiano that is made by three generations of one family in Parma, Italy. We have cheese from close to home, too, with a great selection of local cheeses from producers like Beehive Cheese, an award-winning small-batch creamery in Weber County.

Unique in our stores and unique in Utah

No other Harmons department rivals the robust local and global offerings of specialty cheese. From small-batch craft cheese producers all over the world and in our own backyard, who are devoted to the art of cheese making and incredibly proud to share their passion with our customers. Our cheesemongers have the opportunity to become Certified Cheese Professionals through the American Cheese Society. So, don’t be shy if you can’t tell Stilton from Gorgonzola or Camembert from Gruyère, because our well-educated cheesemongers can help you create a cheese and charcuterie board of any size to treat you and your family and friends. Need some advice on what to pair with your favorite bottle of wine? We can tell you the perfect cheese for that, too. Everything is better with cheese!

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