Go Halfsies to Boost Nutrients

January 11, 2018

If making some health switches seems daunting, try mixing in some of the healthier ingredients to your normal dishes.  Here are some examples:

Pasta: Mix in some whole wheat pasta to your white pasta.  Add the whole wheat pasta to boiling water a couple minutes before the white to ensure even cooking.

Instant oatmeal: Mix together a regular packet and a flavored one to enjoy your beloved Maple & Brown Sugar flavor while still cutting down on sugar.

Cold cereal: Start with a strong base of whole grain, unsweetened cereal in the bottom of your bowl (Cheerios, shredded wheat, wheat flakes etc.), then top with a sprinkle of a sweeter cereal.

Soups: If you frequent Harmons' soup bar often, try mixing a heavier soup with a vegetable-rich soup.  Killer combo: Zuppa Tuscana with Blazing Squash Chili.

Spreads: Choose a canola oil butter spread for your toast and veggies.  Or when cooking, use a little butter for flavor, and then round it out with a liquid oil.

Pasta sauce: Try mixing a couple spoonfuls of alfredo sauce into a marinara sauce for a delectable "pink" sauce.

Salads: Add some dark green spinach or romaine to your normal iceberg salad.