eShop Tips and Tricks

April 15, 2020
| Created by Harmons

Online grocery shopping has been around for a while, and at Harmons our eShop service offers both curbside pick up and delivery. You may never have had a desire or reason to try it, but with the coronavirus pandemic, our reality has changed, and you might be wondering whether it’s a good choice for you. So, what are the pros and cons of online grocery shopping?

Online shopping has a lot of plusses.

· You can shop on your timetable

· You can check and double-check your list with ease

· You aren’t tempted to impulse buy

· You can easily stick to a budget, as you see your online total tallied as you go

And in today’s world, you can add these to that list:

· You are not around others who are or may be sick

· You don’t touch the food or store surfaces, and are not unknowingly picking up or spreading the virus

Below, we answer a few specific questions you might have about Harmons’ eShop service, and how it works.

How long is the wait time after I place my eShop order?

When you place your order, you are asked to select a date and a time slot, so you will know right away what to expect. The current pick up/delivery time varies depending on the store you order from, so it’s best to plan on a wait of up to four days.

Is this a no-contact service?

Yes, both curbside pick up and delivery are no contact. On a pick up order, you will receive a text when your order is ready. When you arrive at the curbside pick up spot, you reply to the text to let them know you are there or call the number listed on the posted sign. At that time, you pop your trunk so the associate can load your groceries in your car. For your safety and theirs, please do not get out of your vehicle.

On delivery orders, the associate will put the groceries on your porch or front doorstep. You will then by notified by text or email that your order has been delivered.

Will eShop be able to fill my entire order?

Your shopper will do the very best they can to fill your order based on store inventory. Our eShop orders are filled from our store shelves during the late-night and early-morning hours. For this reason, we are unable to contact you about substitutions, and your shopper will do their best to closely match your original item request. Please be aware there are still some high-demand items that are not available.

How much does eShop curbside pick up and delivery cost?

The eShop curbside pick up fee is $4.99. Our delivery service is provided through Shipt and the cost is a $4.99 pick fee plus a $9.99 delivery fee.

What are you doing to keep your eShop associates safe?

Our shoppers are currently working overnight, so they are not in the store during peak shopping hours when social distancing is the hardest. They have been encouraged to wear masks, practice social distancing from other employees, and not come to work when feeling unwell. In addition, we are currently performing temperature checks on all employees before they report to work in the store.

Should I worry about taking an eShop space that someone else might need more than me?

While there may be a delivery delay of up to four days, there are still plenty of spots available for everyone. As long as you are patient and flexible, this is not something that should concern you.

Here’s a few other tips that will ensure your eShop experience is the best it can be:

1. Be prepared. Make a two-week meal plan, check to see what you already have on hand, and make your list from that.

2. Be flexible. Your shopper will do the very best they can to fill your order based on store inventory. We don’t have a warehouse we fill orders from. They come straight from the store shelves at the location where you placed your order, so if that item is unavailable, they will do their very best to make a substitution that matches it closely.

3. Be understanding. We’re trying to keep our associates safe along with our customers, so they are doing their jobs overnight, when the stores are closed, and social distancing is most easily achieved. For this reason, they cannot text or contact you to confirm substitutions they are making. Also, some items will be out of stock completely, and that is out of their control.

4. Be patient. Because of the interest in eShop, there are delays and it could take several days for your order to be ready for curbside pick up or delivery.

Harmons eShop is available at all locations except Emigration Market, Holladay Market, South Jordan, and West Valley.