Homegrown Utah Produce

September 9, 2020
| Created by Hannah Langley, MS, RDN, CD

We’re full-swing into harvest season which makes now a great time to stock up on fresh, Utah produce! There are many benefits to buying locally grown fruits and vegetables: 

Lower cost: When supply is high, prices fall 

Nutrition: Freshly harvested produce contains more vitamins and minerals than those held in storage or those picked before peak ripeness 

Environment: Shorter travel distance lowers “food miles” which helps with air pollution and fossil fuel use 

Economy: According to Local First, for every $1 spent in a locally owned business, $.55 stays right here in Utah. That’s four times more money than if that same dollar was spent at a national retailer. 

Want to know our favorite reason to buy local fruits and veggies? 

Taste! Products are more likely to be picked when ripe since they don’t have travel as far by truck, leading to sweeter, juicier flavor. That shorter travel time also means a fresher, yummier taste. 

Delight your taste buds by picking up one of these items today! 

Bartlett Pears – McMullin Orchards, Santaquin, Utah 

Peaches – McMullin Orchards, Santaquin, Utah 

Akane Jonathan Apples – Chavez Farms, Orem, Utah 

Watermelon – Harward Farms, Springville, Utah 

Sweet Corn – Harward Farms, Springville and McFarland Farms, West Weber, Utah 

Beefsteak Tomatoes – Chavez Farms, Orem, Utah 

Jalapenos – Bangerter Family Farm, Bountiful, Utah 

Purple Eggplant – Bangerter Family Farm, Bountiful, Utah