Introducing Harmons Craft Beer Collection

June 16, 2022
| Created by Harmons

Food and drink go hand-in-hand, like pizza and beer. Whenever we create new dishes, we always think of pairings, including sides and drinks. Executive Chef Aaron Ballard always knew he wanted a beer that would go perfectly with our Just Burger and fries, so he was given the task of working with our brewing partners at Red Rock to make a line of premium craft beers.

Each one tells a story, much like our loquacious executive chef. Starting with Hop Runner, which harkens back to Chef Aaron’s childhood memories of running through hop fields, to the Juicy B, created to be the perfect accompaniment to a Just Burger and fries.

We’re very proud to introduce our three new craft beers: Hop Runner, 24/7 365, and the Juicy B. 

Meet the Beers

Label designed by Valentine Chopin

Hop Runner

In search of the perfect hops for our new pale ale, our executive chef came across the experimental Talus 692, grown in the Yakima Valley of Washington where he spent his childhood summers. It took him back to the days running through the vast hop fields like they were an ancient maze. He remembers his uncle warning him about the coyotes that could lurk in the tall fields, but he didn’t care. (He also never saw one.)

Experience Hop Runner for yourself: crisp, wild, fruity, and refreshing, and always an adventure.

Tasting Notes: Pink grapefruit, pine, tropical fruit, and sage.

Pairings: Hop Runner goes great with strong, spicy food, Thai food, or bold, sweet desserts like caramel apples, spiced cakes, And gingerbread cookies. And if you are looking to try some of artisan cheese, try Lamb Chopper, Cabot Clothbound, or Merlot BellaVitano.

Label designed by Suzanne Morris

24/7 365

We’re also excited to introduce our award-winning beer, 24/7 365. That’s right, our brand-new beer has already started earning kudos, beginning with a bronze medal from the Mountain Brewers Beer Festival in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

When we named this beer, adjectives and verbs flew through the air and it was then we recognized its incredible versatility. The test became what couldn’t you pair with this beer? Standing by the grill with a spatula in one hand and a beer in the other. Stopping for a break while mowing the lawn. Roasting marshmallows by the remnants of a blazing campfire. This beer simply works no matter the occasion. With a mellow, light, and crisp taste, it’s a brew you can drink 24/7 365.

Tasting Notes: Warm apple, crackers, and a clean spring water finish.

Pairings: This beer goes great with just about anything. Whether it’s your favorite fried foods, rich and creamy flavors, burgers, cured meats, seafood, tacos, and spicy/salty/sour foods. For cheese, try it with mozzarella, muenster, or washed-rind cheeses like taleggio.

Label designed by Suzanne Morris

Juicy B

This beer was created to pair with another brainchild from the mind of Chef Aaron: a Just Burger and fries. We have two locations of the trademark Just Burgers restaurant (one in our City Creek store and another in our brand-new Daybreak store).

To find the perfect beer pairing for our Just Burgers cheeseburger and wagyu beef tallow fries, we gathered our master brewer, a certified sensory evaluator, our executive chef, and a beer aficionado. They tasted brews until their eyes were fuzzy and palates tired, and then our master brewer had a light- bulb moment. He mixed a juicy IPA with a Belgium brew, and the perfect pairing was born—the Juicy B.

Tasting Notes: Baking spice, stone fruit, and field herbs.

Pairings: Perfect with a Just Burgers fries and cheeseburger, light and mild fish, and chicken dishes, along with dishes that are citrusy and light. It’s also a great summer salad beer. For cheese, try it with caprese salad, fresh goat cheese, ceviche, and chips and salsa.

Meet the Artists

Suzanne Morris

Suzanne Cannon Morris has worked as one of Harmons’ artists for more than 9 years. She has always wanted to be an artist, and finds that drawing and painting are relaxing and a fun way to communicate complicated ideas quickly.

She likes a wide variety of mediums, including oils, gauche (a type of watercolor), pencils, and of course chalk markers.

She also likes digital sketching for ease, convenience, and “If my kids bump me and I make a mistake I can push the undo button.”

Valentine Chopine

Valentine Chopine is a multifaceted artist with a passion for color. He produces, directs, and designs everything from clothing to video games, with award-winning work displayed in various galleries.

Originally from Oregon, his illustrative style is most inspired by early American advertisements, vintage graphic design, and the Slavic folk art and Southwest imagery he grew up with. 

Valentine is also passionate about Utah’s local culture and is honored to work with Harmons.



Red Rock Brewing

We also had a great local partner—Red Rock Brewing Company—to work with on these craft beers. They shared their expertise and resources  and the end result was three amazing craft beers. 

According to Erika Palmer from Red Rock, “Our experience working with the Harmons team has been one of the most fun collaborations we have done. Everyone has such a different taste for beers.

“Aaron told us a story of childhood growing up in the northwest, remembering a certain hop that he enjoyed. We found that hop and created Hop Runner.

“Todd Jensen and Bob Harmon wanted something that was more approachable, low gravity, and low calorie but with full pilsner flavor,  so 24/7 365 was born at 3% ABV.

“The original recipe was made by our Brewer Chris Harlin at our downtown restaurant. This pilsner hit all the marks that Todd and Bob enjoy in a beer.”

And of course, we’ve told the story of Juicy B.

We’re grateful for every step of the process involved in creating a line of craft beers for Harmons, and every step led to an amazing journey. And now it’s your turn to experience these beers, available at all Harmons locations in the beer aisle.