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Harmons is redefining grocery shopping. We do not stock endless rows of shelves with pre-packaged foods and tired items. Rather, we strive to provide local, fresh products that help you live your best life. Staying abreast of nutritional standards, understanding health needs such as gluten-free and allergies, and following current craft food trends, we bring the latest and greatest products from unique vendors and manufacturers for you to mix with your traditional staples.

You’ll notice the stellar variety of products in the Grocery department.

Our grocery department gurus dwell daily on all the permutations of breakfast, lunch, and dinner our customers need to fuel their minds, bodies, and spirits. Don’t worry – they remembered snacking, parties, storage… and surprises!

At the end of each aisle, the number of local products you can find in that aisle is noted and celebrated.

Harmons remembers our humble roots as a Utah family market and embraces that history in our practices and promises. That’s another reason why, when you look at our prime shelving space, local products are displayed more prominently than national brands.

If there is something you need, anything at all, please ask one of our Grocery associates for assistance and we guarantee they will help you find what you are looking for. And maybe they’ll even find you a new favorite!


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