Cool Off with Our Gelato

July 3, 2018
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Beat the summer heat with a delicious Italian treat! With as many as 19 different flavors in seven locations, try something new with Harmons.

What is Gelato?

Gelato is very similar to ice cream, but gelato is denser, creamier, and richer in flavor. The difference in texture comes from the way gelato is mixed. Ice cream is so fluffy because air is whipped into the mixture, but gelato is churned slowly. Other than churning, the only differences between gelato and ice cream are the proportions of the ingredients and their holding temperatures. Ice cream has more cream than gelato, but gelato may use more sugar to prevent ice crystals from forming. This means gelato may have less fat than ice cream, but more sugar to keep ice crystals from forming because gelato has to be stored at 0 degrees—a lower temperature than ice cream.

Quality gelato shouldn’t be stored for a long time, so we don’t! Flavor and freshness are two of the most important things when it comes to gelato, which is part of the reason why we make our gelato in small batches and have freezers specifically for gelato!

Because we at Harmons want to offer only the best, our gelato is made from scratch with equipment imported from Italy! We also create our decadent flavors with the season in mind. In striving to create the best flavor with the freshest ingredients possible, we create our seasonal flavors with fruit in its peak of season.

So, celebrate National Ice Cream Month with a cup of Harmons gelato!

Harmons gelato is available at the following locations: 

  • 7th Street 
  • Station Park 
  • Bangerter Crossing 
  • Traverse Mountain 
  • City Creek 
  • Emigration 
  • Holladay Market 
  • Daybreak 
  • St. George 
  • Santa Clara 
  • Mountain View 
  • Orem